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    The War in Tigray Is a Fight Over Ethiopia’s Past—and Future FP read more... ⟶
  • Ethiopia’s Abiy denies ‘insurgency’ emerging in Tigray
    PM Abiy Ahmed says Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) is a ‘criminal clique’
    that has been ‘thoroughly defeated’.read more... ⟶
  • Sudan arrests Tigray militia leader
    November 30, 2020 (GADAREF) - The Sudanese army arrested a senior Ethiopian militia leader
    fighting along with the Tigray rebels inside the Sudanese borders, accompanied by
    his family members and a huge amount of money and gold. read more... ⟶
  • Leader of Tigray’s forces tells Ethiopia PM to ‘stop the madness’
    In phone interview with The Associated Press, a defiant TPLF leader calls on Abiy Ahmed to withdraw troops from the region. read more... ⟶
  • Rockets hit Eritrea capital after Ethiopia declares victory
    የአገዛዙ ጦር መቀሌን ተቆጣጠርኩ ካለ በኋላ ወያኔ አሥመራን በሮኬቶች የመደብደብ መልዕክተት ምን ይሆን?
    የወያኔ ዳግም የሽምቅ ውጊያ አዋጅ? read more... ⟶
  • Ethiopia PM says Tigray operation over after army seizes Mekelle
    Prime minister says military operations in Tigray ‘completed and ceased’ after army seizes Mekelle;
    but no immediate statement from TPLF. read more... ⟶