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Human Rights Violations in Polarized Ethiopia: time for a shift in paradigm of thinking Part II

Aklog Birara (DR)

Kidnapped, raped and left for dead: who will protect Ethiopia's girls?

One day in early October, Hanna Lalango, 16, did not return from school to her home in the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa, at the usual time. Her father Lalongo Hayesso was worried about his youngest daughter.

Shipwreck Kills Over a Dozen Ethiopian Migrants Trying to Reach Yemen

By DEC. 8, 2014 (New York Times)

SANA, Yemen — At least 21 migrants from Ethiopia drowned while trying to reach the coast of Yemen, according to the United Nations refugee agency, which has recorded a sharp increase this year in the number of people who have died while attempting the crossing, mainly from the Horn of Africa.

Human Rights in Polarized Ethiopia: the need for collaboration

November 30, 2014 -Aklog Birara (DR) - Part one of three

Italian police arrest Eritrean gang who smuggled migrants

Ten suspected migrant smugglers were arrested on Wednesday in Italy and Germany, including the alleged ringleader behind a treacherous journey that killed an estimated 244 people off the coast of Libya in June.

The alleged human traffickers, who were picked up in an operation called Tokhla, were all Eritrean. They were charged with conspiracy and aiding illegal immigration. An 11th Eritrean was arrested for harbouring the migrants.

Candlelight Vigil for prisoners of conscience in Ethiopia - Sund Dec 7 - 6pm - White House

Fingerprints of International Aid on Forced Relocation, Repression, and Human Rights Abuse in Ethiopia

Letter of Protest to the UN Security Council

Land Wars: Ethiopia Accused of Massacring Civilians to Clear Way for Foreign Farms

By Lara Whyte

Ethiopia, one of the world's hungriest countries, is selling off vast chunks of its land to foreign investors who are growing food products for export — and those who get in the government's way are being killed or silenced, according to a new investigation.

Under the country's controversial "villagization" scheme, huge populations of farming communities are being moved out of their homes on land eyed for development and into new settlements built by the government. Residents not lured out by promises of better infrastructure and services are often forced to go against their will, and resistance often brings violence or intimidation into acquiescence or exile, US-based rights group the Oakland Institute says in a report due for release on Monday.



At least six publications have had to close in recent months and around 30 journalists have fled abroad since the start of the year as a result of the biggest crackdown on the privately-owned press since 2005, one reflecting a government desire to make a clean sweep of independent media before parliamentary elections next May, local analysts say.

Moral Hazards of the Aid Industry in Ethiopia: justice is overdue Commentary

Aklog Birara (Dr.)



Ethiopians living in Eastern Ukraine,Donetsk, for the last ten to more than 20 years are in a dire situation and need urgent assistance. Ordinarily their plight was already unbearable as they had to suffer unemployenent and crude racism.

Letter to President Obama

We are 19 Ethiopian Muslims writing to you from within the Ethiopian gulags. Since we were arrested and detained on fabricated charges under the country’s notorious anti-terrorism laws more than two years ago, we have been going through Stalinist political show trial designed to intimidate and silence us into submission in the face of the government’s audacious and grotesque program of re-indoctrinating Ethiopian Muslim.  Read More…

OCTOBER 31/2014


The EPRP fullly supports the ongoing struggle of the Burkinabe people against
dictatorship and for democracy. Their struggle is a harbinger of intensified popular struggles all over the continent. Like other peoples, the Burkinabe people face the danger of the status quo army shortcircuiting their victory to establish yet another demagogic military dictatorship.

Is Ethiopia’s Sovereign Debt Sustainable?

Seid Hassan, Minga Negash, Tesfaye T. Lemma and Abu Girma Moges[1]

Determining the sustainability of a developing country’s public debt is a challenge. This is because most developing countries in general and Sub Saharan Africa (SSA) countries in particular face an undiversified export base, a large share of agriculture in GDP (which itself is characterized by low yields) with large share of labor force in the primary sector, and complex governance and instability problems.


OCTOBER 28/2014


Those collectively charged as "terrorists inciting people to violence" are known as the zone 9 bloggers (six young bloggers and three journalists) and the regime in Addis Abeba has illegally kept them prison for the last six months.

October 27/2014


Amharas and Oromos are the two largest ethnic groups (nationalities) in Ethiopia and the ruling Tigrean Front (TPLF) has considered both as enemies and taken brutal actions against them. But in the TPLF political mentality (echoed sadly by some foreign quarters), the Amharas are enemy no 1 and should be targeted for all kind of brutalities ranging from ethnic cleansing, land grab, massacre and deliberate impverishment.

Get well Dr. Craig Spencer

By Yilma Bekele

What kind of place would the world be without people like Dr. Craig Spencer? Dr. Spencer is the medical doctor that is currently in New York Hospital with symptoms of the Ebola virus. Before his privacy was breached and his name associated with the dreaded virus Dr. Spencer was an International Emergency Medical (IEM) fellow at Columbia University in New York.

Leaked UN Report Says Eritrea Arms and Trains Ginbot 7 Members

Ginbot Sebat is a banned opposition group formed in 2009 by Amhara political elites committed to regime change in Ethiopia through armed struggle.[i]

The honorable Ato Gebru Asrat and his politics

By Yilma Bekele

The honorable Ato Gebru Asrat has written a very fat book that is five hundred pages long. I am assuming that the purpose of the book was to present himself as a person of vision and to show us his leadership ability to show us the road to the future. Unfortunately, he has a handicap that cannot be glossed over since for many years he has operated as member of that infamous organization TPLF (ሕዝባዊ ወያኔ ሓርነት ትግራይ) that is still creating havoc in the life of our people and our country.

OCTOBER 12/2014


TSEGAYE GEBRE MEDHIN, Yishak Debre Tsion, Hagos Bezabih, Belete Amha, Sitotaw Hussein  (the latter two were field doctors graduated from the Gondar Health College),Teklai, Azanaw Demile  (deported from the Sudan), and Desalegn (Abera keye zeb) were all EPRP leaders and members in the  hands of the Tigrai Liberation Front by June 1991 an were disappeared since then. A formrer leader of the Tigrean front and longtime president of the Tigrai region, where they were imprisoned, has now revealed that a hastily set up "organizational court" had condemned them to death and they have been executed. SOCEPP vigorously condemns the brutal murder of these patriots and longtime fighters for democracy.


By Hama Tuma

EBOLA  or whatever that is ravaging people in West Africa is no joking matter  and trivializing  it is not my intention at all. Condolences and sympathies to those who lost a kin or are suffering is due.

And yet, Ebola raises many questions needing immediate answers. Is Ebola really Ebola? is Ebola a plot? Is it man made? Is it an inflated malaria? A Meningitis gone wild? What is its color–black? white?

Anarchy vs. Stability: Dictatorships and Chaos Go Hand in Hand

A Commentary By Mathieu von Rohr


The argument that a stable, autocratic state is better than a failed one has become increasingly fashionable. But it misses the fact that autocracies are ultimately the source of that chaos.


October 6/2014


A former leading member of the Tigrean People's Liberation Front, the ruling front in Ethiopia (aka EPRDF) has now revealed in a VOA interview (and in his new book) that EPRP leaders and veteran members captured and disappeared since June 1991 were actually all executed after a TPLF "court" sentenced all of them to death. TPLF leaders had refused to give any account on the fate of the disappeared.

Marriage proposal to Mighty Awash and HMD comes to the US.

By Yilma Bekele

Our elders know how to tell a story. The way they do it could be compared to like pealing an onion, you have to go thru so many layers to get to the heart of the matter. Even then it requires insight to really understand the message.

Consistency or Hypocrisy?  
President Obama “Boosts” Ethiopia’s Dictatorship

Commentary  - Aklog Birara (Dr.)

“To accomplish great things, we must not only act but also dream; not only dream, but also believe.”  Anatole France

OCTOBER 4/2014


The plight of Ethiopian refugees in te SUDAN has worsened with dozens rounded up, beaten and jailed all over the country. The process of deportation to Ethiopia is also prepared. Sudan had in the past deported Ethiopian political dissidents of whom quite a few have been disappeared or killed.

Ethiopian diplomat flees US to dodge prosecution

By Mario Trujillo - 10/02/14 04:21 PM EDT (THE HILL)

An Ethiopian diplomat who allegedly fired a gun during a protest this week at his country's embassy in Washington, D.C., has left the United States to escape prosecution.

The two cousins "Al Mariam and the Grandeur Aleme Eshete" Photo shown is Profssor Aleme Eshete

By Getachew Reda (Editor Ethiopian Semay)


Hama Tuma

There is a Yiddish saying that states one lie is a lie.two are lies but three is politics. The recent exuberant declaration by Obama praising the dictatorial regime in Ethiopia smacked of pure and unadulterated imperial /ist/ politics. In the above photo taken at the White House the puppet master and the ladies smile while the dummy looks, expectedly, uncomfortable, constipated, droopy-bent and totally ill at ease. The lies were even too much for the powerless vessel of lies.


EPRP NORWAY SECTION IN ACTION Woayne Emabssy in Stockholm Occupied for an Hour

Today, on September 30,2014 members and supporters of the EPRPNorwy occupiedthe Woyane «Ethiopian» Embassy in Stockholm. The protest is organized by members of the EPRP’sYouth League, Women Wing and supporters. The protesters peacefully stormed the Embassy and demanded for the immediate release of the disappeared leaders and members of the EPRP. The Woyane regime still has not disclosedabout their whereabouts. None of the disappeared was ever brought before a court of law.

The violent arrival of Woyane.

By Yilma Bekele

We Ethiopians witnessed what those that control our country are capable of doing to unarmed citizens. I am sure the action of the TPLF solder in front of their Embassy in Washington DC is the talk of the town. It is unfortunate that we are not equipped to discuss the criminal act in all its attributes. It has to be put in some form of context to fully understand the criminal act.

September 29/2014


MEZGEBNESH ABAYOU (also known as Hirut) was an active member of the opposition Ethiopian People's Revolutionary Party (EPRP) who was murdered in her apartment in April 1988 in Philadelphia (USA) by hired killer/s. Mezgebnesh was a wanted person by the totalitarian military regime and her husband, a militant like her, was killed during the Red Terror that massacred hundreds of thousands in Ethiopia. She played a major role in the publication of the then famous GOH magazine.

Shots fired outside Ethiopian Embassy in DC


Hama Tuma

Africans are used to the unkindest cut them of all, most leading to brutal deaths. Bad governance and tyranny, famine and poverty, ethnic cleansing and massacres—you name it and we have lived it even when the neo colonials pamper us with praises of non-existent double digit economic growth as we starve and die. Oh yes, Obama is an honorable man!

Washington DC Rally to protest the killings in Ogaden and Gambela

Date: Mon Sept 29th,
2014 Time: 9AM
Place: US State Department
2201 C St NW Washington, DC 20520

Ethiopia/Eritrea-Anatomy of love/hate relationship.

Yilma Bekele

This issue of Eritrea has been with us for more than I can remember. In fact it is fair to say like most of you I have lived all my life being affected by the problem with our relatives to the North. Considering the life expectancy in our ancient land it would not be farfetched to conclude for the vast majority of our people the Eritrean question has been like an albatross hanging our neck stopping us from thinking in a straight and rational manner.

The divide


It was a show the invited African tyrants put at Mandela’s memorial in South Africa. Watching them tripping over each other to pay homage to a man, who, if truth be told, would have banished or put to death, given the opportunity, was incredible. As if that was not enough, ESAT gave the stage to Mengistu  to “honor” Mandela .



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EPRP Norway Candellight to memorize Gemoraw and others

የወያኔ መሠረቱ ኢትዮጵያዊነት እንዳልነበረ ከዚህ በታች በማኒፌስቶ ያቀመጠውን ታሪካዊ ሰንድ ያንብቡ። ዛሬ ላይ ኢትዮጵያዊ ሊሆን በፍጹም አይችልም።


"…Money will not buy you freedom, freedom has to come from the bottom of your heart, and when you keep on struggling you will be free…" History of Red Terror is being told by Ali Saeed in the newly opened Canadian Museum for Human Rights.

Ethiopian protesters occupied Woyane's Embassy in Sweden


ኢትዮጵያዊው ወጣት ስለ ኢሕአፓ ምን ይላል?

Interview with the Most Senior Ethiopian Artist Telela Kebede By Debteraw Website

We should join our hands and say enough!!

The NYU professor and best-selling author Economist William Easterly makes his case for a radical rethinking of approaches to global development.

Harvard Professor Defending Menelik's Legacy and Bravery


የኢሳት ጋዜጠኞች የሚሠሩት ለኢትዮጵያዊነት ወይስ የኦነግን ወንጀሎች ለመሸፋፈን? ከዚህ በታች ያለውን ቪዲዮ እንደኛ ተመልክተው ይታዘቡ።

Kibrework Workalemahu
Red Terror victim...Read more>>> 

አንነሳም ወይ!
(አዲስ ግጥም ያድምጡ)

Courageousness VS.Greediness(From summra Akale,7th grader)

State of Emergency

Watch this captivating video, showing life in Ethiopia as it is many times, a state of emergency.

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