PALTALK ROOM: Ethio CurrentEvent Assimba


     SATURDAYS    3:00 PM - 9:00 PM -- Eastern Time
     SUNDAYS       12:00 PM - 8:00 PM -- Eastern Time




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This forum promotes: Solidarity among all Ethiopian opposition groups.
Solidarity with Ethiopian pro-democracy struggle. Tolerance of different views, promote diversity, allowing as many
different visions, so long as they don’t deny that same tolerance to others.

This forum to date, has invited the following guest speakers

Ambassador Imru Zelleke

Dr. Getachew Begashaw
of EPRP leadership

Ato Fasika Belete 
   UEDF Chairman

Lt. Ayal-Sew Dessye -
   UEDF Vice Chairman

Dr. Negede Gobezie
   UEDF AFD deligate

Ato Mersha Yoseph
    EPRP leader

Ato Reda Mehari
    EPRP leader

Dr. Alemante G.Selassie,
a Law professor, discussing AFD document and its implications

Ato Aregawi Berhe
     UEDF V.Chair

Ato Birhane Mewa
     (Kinijit N. America)

Dr. Taye Worldesemayat
     ETA Chairman