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The divide


It was a show the invited African tyrants put at Mandela’s memorial in South Africa. Watching them tripping over each other to pay homage to a man, who, if truth be told, would have banished or put to death, given the opportunity, was incredible. As if that was not enough, ESAT gave the stage to Mengistu  to “honor” Mandela .

ESFNA's Board Members Opinion Poll Report

September 14, 2014
I listened to VOA Amharic interviews with the ESFNA's four voting board members (BMs) online, which aired in mid August 2014 and again late August 2014. Afterwards I formed an idea about their readiness for good governance (GV).

2007-A year of decision

            by Yilma Bekele

Modern Day Slavery: One man's hellish journey from Eritrea terror to UK sanctuary

  • Thousands of Eritreans risk their lives each year trying to reach the United Kingdom and one man's successful journey meant suffering privations for three years

The perils of outsourcing the fight for freedom

By Yilma Bekele

I could have titled this piece ‘Obama and his Africa peace keepers’ but that would not be fair. Anybody with half a brain can see that I am trying to make my issue to be his problem. Excuse me just because fighting for my right is beneath my dignity there is no reason to impose on him that I am unable to do for whatever reason. Dear Mr. President we Africans are not amused! This is what appeared on The Guardian

Why Free Trade Agreements with the EU will hurt African countries!

EPAs is not a Panacea for Africa’s Economic and Social Crisis but deepen the Crisis!

By Fekadu Bekele (Ph D)   August 19, 2014

Museum provokes mixed emotions: CMHR preview inspiring and heart-wrenching for viewers and storytellers alike

By: Geoff Kirbyson (Winnipeg Free Press )

Ali Saeed, a victim of Ethiopia’s Red Terror, reflects and prays in the Garden of Contemplation in the centre of the Canadian Museum for Human  Rights amidst towering windows, large boulders and tragic memories. Saeed was tortured. imprisoned and forced out of his homeland because of his efforts to support Freedom of Speech. His story will be one of many tragic events in history to be displayed in a installation at the museum this fall.

U.S.–Africa Summit Highlights Challenges of Africa’s Rise

Sadiq A. Abdirahman

As part of President Obama’s comprehensive strategy for engagement in Africa, the first United States and Africa Summit was convened in Washington, DC. All but three of Africa’s heads of states were present. According to the Obama administration, the summit is intended to foster strong economic ties between the United States and African countries. It will show and explain the investment opportunities Africa holds for U.S businesses.


Ethiopian People´s Revolutionary Party (EPRP) Press Release

The US-Africa summit is vintage exercise in futility, a waste of the American taxpayer's money. For this summit, president Obama has invited the dregs and dictator of Africa to Washington DC, to wine and dine and, alas, to praise them by taking of a mirage of an economic growth, democratic progress and a bright future.  Fiction par excellence.

The Devaluation of the Birr: A Layman’s Guide, Part 2

Seid Hassan‐ Murray State University August 1, 2014. 

Hitherto, I have been reluctant to post a commentary regarding the World Bank’s suggested birr devaluation measure which is still being debated as we speak. I was reluctant partly because my highly received 2010 commentary addressed many of the issues that seem.......

JULY 21/2014


WEINSHET MOLA is a young female political activist and a meber of the Semeyawi party (she is also a member of the National Council) and was recently subjected to a barbaric beating session (right arm broken, skull cracked, body heavily bruised, etc...) in the hands of the regime's police and security force. Weinshet in now held incommunicado. Only last Friday, the police provoked a clash with  Muslims praying in the Anwar Mosque of Addis Abeba and rushed into the Mosque in great numbers to beat up, maim and even kill innocent Muslims. In Northern Shoa, repression  against Amharas has claimed many lives. Bloggers have been charged with terrorism.

JULY 18/2014


The brutal police of the regime stormed the Anwar Mosque in Addis Abeba and violently beat up numerous Ethiopian Muslims and rounded up many others. The unjustified violence is part of the regime's continuing campaign to break up and stifle the peaceful protest of Ethiopian Muslims for their basic human and democratic rights. One report indicates that at least one person has been critically wounded from a gunshot. For very long now the repressive regime has been trying to break and halt the peaceful protest from aggrieved Muslims.


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ኢትዮጵያዊው ወጣት ስለ ኢሕአፓ ምን ይላል?

Interview with the Most Senior Ethiopian Artist Telela Kebede By Debteraw Website

We should join our hands and say enough!!

The NYU professor and best-selling author Economist William Easterly makes his case for a radical rethinking of approaches to global development.

Harvard Professor Defending Menelik's Legacy and Bravery


የኢሳት ጋዜጠኞች የሚሠሩት ለኢትዮጵያዊነት ወይስ የኦነግን ወንጀሎች ለመሸፋፈን? ከዚህ በታች ያለውን ቪዲዮ እንደኛ ተመልክተው ይታዘቡ።

Kibrework Workalemahu
Red Terror victim...Read more>>> 

አንነሳም ወይ!
(አዲስ ግጥም ያድምጡ)

Courageousness VS.Greediness(From summra Akale,7th grader)

State of Emergency

Watch this captivating video, showing life in Ethiopia as it is many times, a state of emergency.

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